Researcher seeking Bi/Trans discrimination stories

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A law professor plans to write about discrimination against bisexuals and transsexuals, and seeks reports.

The discrimination can be in the workplace or by the government (for example, immigration.) It could relate to healthcare. It could originate from the straight or gay side. It could also relate to stereotyping, for example promiscuity, nonmonogamy or spreading diseases. Ideally it would involve illegal discrimination that led or might lead to a lawsuit or settlement. It could also be violation of policy, or something that led or might lead to policy changes. Or where the laws or policies were not protective enough. It would be especially useful if the discrimination related to bisexuals and transsexuals in a way different from how it would affect gays and lesbians.. (For example, a bisexual immigrant divorces, enters a same-sex relationship and authorities question whether the marriage was for immigration purposes, a crime. Or, somehow, it becomes known that an immigrant has both a spouse and a same-sex partner, leading to the same challenge.)

Tips and leads appreciated. The researcher is mindful of confidentiality considerations.

Please send to any of: [collector/relayer] [researcher]


PS, please feel free to send to people and lawyers (!) and lists that might have relevant information.


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