New reviews for Cheating Chance and The Good Thief

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vero Caravetta of Mysterical­-E reviewed both Cheating Chance and The Good Thief!

Cheating Chance: Murder, drugs, money laundering – it's all in this book. There's a lot of everything is thins book – cops, sex, and mystery. You'll get entangled in this story as surely as the characters get entangled in the sheets. Don't miss out.

The Good Thief: When Caesar, during one of his break-ins, finds child pornography, he can't ignore it and reaches out to Nate for help. The plot takes off from there and manages to take the reader on a sexy thrill ride. There's plenty of sex and mystery in Buchanan's book, as well as some interesting characters and a lot of fun


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