Dear Author reviews for the Taking the Odds Series

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sarah at Dear Author ( has reviewed all three of the Taking the Odds Series.

Cheating Chance  B grade

"I love how integral their work is to who these men are. Brandon is a cop, couldn’t imagine being anything other than a cop. It’s who he is on a fundamental level almost more than the fact that he’s gay...And the ending is edge-of-your-seat reading that pits Brandon’s need to stay closeted with his feelings for Nicky...I love these characters."

Inland Empire A- grade

"But, in general, and specifically in these books, you have a gift for writing men who sound, look, act, and feel — or not — like real men. I certainly want to slap them around a bit like Cher in Moonstruck  like I do real men. You certainly have a gift for writing about police work. And very definitely a gift for writing sex. :) All of them are strongly in evidence in this book.

These books are the very best of contemporary romance, gay or straight. Your characters are beautifully drawn, the sex is smoking hot, the mystery/suspense plot is integral both to the reader’s interest in the story and to the characters’ personal growth. And somehow everything fits together."

All or Nothing B+ grade

"What I adore about your writing is the emotional honesty of your characters. You let them be REAL. You let them experience all the shit that something like this would bring up: hate and anger and despair. They’re not brave, they’re not stoic, they’re not strong and understanding. They’re furious and despairing and guilty, oh so guilty. Brandon, not the most stable of people to begin with (as a cop says later, he’s a bottler), just implodes with guilt and fear and hate and inactivity.[...]

My issues with the mystery would normally knock this grade down to a B at least, but the emotional honesty and intensity of this book is too good for anything other than a B+. That’s the power of this series as a whole, but of this book specifically. Thank you for that honesty."


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