Men in Uniform II

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Publisher: Torquere Press
Release Date: September 14, 2007
Length: Anthology
Price: $5.95

Soldiers and firemen. Roleplayers and delivery men. They all have one thing in common. Hot threads. From high boots to Musketeer tabards, from a familiar brown uniform to brown shoe armies, the boys of Men in Uniform II will knock your socks off with the way they wear it well!

Familiar faces like Sean Michael, James Buchanan and BA Tortuga abound, as well as newer authors who are sure to become enduring favorites. From racy and dangerous to sweet and loving, these men are ready to take your world by storm, and look good doing it! Wrap yourself in Men in Uniform II today!

Vincent Diamond, editor of Animal Attraction, writes:A worthy successor to its predecessor, this anthology offers up a variety of sexy tales focused on that sexual icon: the man in uniform. From Star Fleet uniforms to soldiers to a fast-food servers in embarrassing overalls, the stories here offer readers a great mix of voices.

Editor M. Rode has assembled a terrific set of stories. Ranging from humorous and sexily silly to futuristic post-apocalyptic tales, the characters in these stories all take a chance. By stepping out of uniform, literally and figuratively, these men find affection, romance and erotic encounters.

On the lighter side, Kiernan Kelly's "Ballz" is a cute tale of Parker Jennings and his journey from fast food geek to a busboy and waiter-in-training. Ballz is a restaurant concept familiar to any reader who has eaten at a Hooters. Parker's change from a pig uniform to the red thong required at Ballz is a hoot.

James Buchanan offers up a smoking take on the future in "The Red Jungle". Bristling with taut action, snappy dialogue, and hard sex, Sergeant Ferizzie finds out that a quiet break on the night shift can turn into something hotter and more dangerous than his regular patrol.

Another of my favorites from this book is "Captain's Orders" by Angelia Sparrow, a hilarious homage to scifi conventions. Using a costume masquerade as its centerpiece, Dave and Chris appear as Kirk and Spock, an inside joke to fannish types everywhere. Sparrow's affection for this fantasy world is clear as this couple have a fun -and sexy-weekend together. The last five paragraphs of this one are laugh out loud funny.Stephanie Vaughn gives readers a lovely segue in her Off World series. In "Off World: Negotiation", lovers Caleb and Sarhaan face a challenge that seems quieter than the space pirates they dealt with in the first novel of the series. But the threat to their relationship is just as real as any blaster wound. Coupled with hot, possessive sex scenes, this story is another memorable one.

From UPS drivers to Musketeers to motorcycle cops, these Men in Uniform are sure to get your pulse racing and your imagination soaring.


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