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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cheating Chance

by James Buchanan


Publisher:  Torquere Press

Length:  Novel (177 pages / 83500 words)

Price:  $5.95

ISBN: 978-1-60370-303-1, 1-60370-303-9

Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc


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Nick O'Malley is an agent for the Nevada Gaming Commission. He's also a Goth with a hearse he's restoring, and an ex lover he's only just getting over. Brandon Carr is a cop with the Riverside PD. Lucky for him, he's in Vice where his tattoos and biker boy looks serve him well.


The two meet at a Goth convention in San Diego and the sparks fly immediately. So much so that a weekend fling turns into more and Brandon spends his four day weekend visiting Nick.


Things aren't all sparks and roses though: the two do live a nine hour drive apart, and Brandon's not out. Add to that a murder right in front of them, a company trying to cheat the system and the Mexican Mafia, and Brandon and Nick's relationship will need to overcome a whole slew of obstacles in order to work.


Despite everything, can Brandon and Nick make a go of it?


Taken a chance on these two and find out:


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Review: Mychael Black, popular Torquere author, writes:


Brandon Carr is firmly in the closet. Very firmly. Safely hidden where no one else can see that he has a penchant for men. As a cop for Riverside Police, he knows how to keep his needs and desires tucked away. And up until now, he's managed just fine. Then Nevada Gaming Commission Agent, Nick O'Malley, waltzes into his life and turns Brandon's world upside down in a heartbeat.


Nick is out and perfectly at home in his skin. He knows what he wants and Brandon fits the bill perfectly. They play hard and despite Brandon's avoidance of anything remotely resembling love, Nick already knows how he feels about the closeted detective. Unfortunately, fate has other ideas. When Nick's job lands him into a nasty mess, it'll be up to Brandon to get him out.


Hot cops. Hot sex. Tons of action. What's not to love??


From the first words on the page, it's impossible NOT to become entangled in this story. Brandon and Nicky are both insanely hot. Together, they leave you speechless. The tension is strong, in and out of their relationship. The sex? Dear God. The rope bondage scenes are intense and you feel as if you're right there, feeling the slide of rope over your skin as Brandon does.


If you've never read anything from Buchanan, this is a perfect time (and book) to start. It sets the tone for Buchanan's work: gritty, real, and hot as hell.



Read a Sample:


Nick looked up into a pair of crystal blue eyes. He started, thumping the back of his head on the hood of the Endloader.


Brandon leaned back against the driver side door, laughing. Black jeans rode low across his hips. His chest was bare except where the tattoos reached around his sides. A shower had softened the spikes and his black hair drifted in wisps across his forehead. For one brief moment Nick forgot just how mad he was and allowed himself to stare in awe at the muscles and the tats and the incredible smile. Then the memory of the previous night reared up. Hinges screeched as he slammed the hood down hard.


“So this is the hearse?” Brandon raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure it’s a restoration project and not a junk yard?”


Nick offered up a thin smile. “Yeah, this is the rust bucket.” As he pushed past Brandon and slid into the front seat, Nick twisted the key in the ignition. The hearse roared to life with a throbbing, primal growl.


“Whoa, she lives, I’m impressed.” Brandon started to reach in and touch Nick’s hair. Nick caught the movement in the rearview, slamming the door shut to stop him. “What the?”


The driver’s window was down, semi-permanently. It had to be physically pulled into place. “Garage door’s open.” He slung his arm over the door and picked at the rotting weather strip. “Wouldn’t want anyone to see us together.”


“Nicky, what’s up?”


“It’s me, not you.” His boot heel drew a red-brown line from the gas pedal back. “Don’t worry about it.” Probably time to order carpeting through Kanter. Probably should get floor panels first… or maybe fix the window and do weather stripping. Shit, there was still a lot to do. He’d hoped a certain someone could help him with that. That’s what he got for letting his fantasies overstep reality.


Both hands on the door, Brandon leaned down to peer at Nick. “About what? Tell me.”


“I’ll get over it.” Mouth set hard, his eyes slid toward Brandon. “Don’t worry about it.”


“Before I leave on Sunday? Come on tell me.” Silence answered him. Brandon switched tactics. “I had a lot of fun last night, at least before everything went to hell.”


“Yeah, you were having fun.” Nick reverted to staring out the windshield.


“You weren’t?”


“At first.” Nick killed the engine. “When we first got to Purgatory and Miri’s birthday that was fun.”


“And...” Brandon prompted.


Nick tried not to let the pain show in his eyes. “Then you went to get a drink at the bar. And you stayed at the bar flirting with that girl. I mean, shit, we haven’t seen each other in two months and you ditch me to chase tail... which, as far as I know, you’re not going to do anything with anyway.”


“Nick, I told you I’m not out.”


“Okay. No!” Nick ran his nails across his scalp. “Not out is no public displays of affection. I can’t tell anyone we’re seeing each other. I get it. It’s bad enough, but I understand why.” His hand slammed the steering wheel. “It is not ignoring me for an hour while you grab some bitch’s ass! You wanna cover... I’m seeing someone. Gee, you’re cute, but I can’t get involved now. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing you again, and that just fucking hurt.”


“Listen, Nicky, I didn’t do it to hurt you. I’m sorry. It’s just habit.”


More black flecks found their way to the floor. “You know what really hurt?”




“That your first thought wasn’t me... it was protecting your cover in the easiest way possible.”


“I’m sorry, Nicky. I should have handled it better. All I can do is say I’m sorry.”


“I know. I’ll get over it. Like I said it’s my problem.”


Hard silence broke between them for a time. “No, it’s my problem. I really, really like you, Nicky. It’s been a long time since I felt this way about anybody. Hell, I drove four hours across the desert, pulling bugs outta my teeth to see you.” Nick snorted a laugh. “Let’s not go out tonight. Stay home, just you and I. I’ll give you all the attention you need. I want to. I want to be with you.” Brandon leaned in through the window and turned Nick’s chin with his fingers.


“The garage door’s still open.”


“I know.” Brandon kissed him. Brandon hadn’t shaved yet. Stubble tickled the edge of Nick’s lips. “You broken it in yet?”


He pulled back. “Broken what in?”


“Big ol’ back area…” Brandon’s chin jerked towards the rear of the hearse. “Plenty of room.” Nick’s skin tingled under Brandon’s feather light touch as the other man reached in and pulled the t-shirt over Nick’s head. The black material landed in a pile somewhere near the bike. Holy shit, Brandon was intense. A smile flashed, the latch clicked and the door eased open.


“You’re fucking crazy, you know that?” Nick rolled his eyes, sliding back across the bench. “Jake would never have gone for that. He was always after me to sell it and use the money for a down payment on a Toyota.”


It was almost feral how Brandon moved, crawling across the seat on all fours. “That’s just tragic.” The deep voice was mellow, soothing, sensual. Nick could get off just listening to Brandon talk.


Already things were beginning to tingle and tighten. “Well, this wasn’t his lifestyle.”


“How the hell did you meet him then?” Strong arms were on either side of Nick’s hips as Brandon leaned in.


“He’s part of the fetish crowd, dress up to party on weekends.” Why the fuck was he talking about Jake? Especially with Brandon licking just behind his ear; damn it was really getting hot. “You know, club bleed over and stuff. Otherwise he’s pretty conservative.” A strong hand stroked him through the camouflage. He began to swell in response to the touch. “He thought the Hearse was weird. A sling in his bedroom, okay. A car that used to haul around dead people, gross.”


Brandon’s lips were working down the side of his neck. “I think it’s wicked. What’d ya name her?” Fingers of frost danced under Nick’s skin wherever the kisses landed.


Nick’s skin clung to the vinyl against his back. “Querida.” His own hands were tracing the ridges of Brandon’s biceps, his hips grinding into the caress. “It means ‘I desire you’… it’s what Gomez called Morticia.”


“I always wondered about that. Querida.” The way Brandon said it, Nick knew he wasn’t talking about the car. “Wanna climb in the back and fool around?” Brandon was just too damn sexy to stay mad at for long.


Nick’s breathing was already heavy. The heat in the garage didn’t help. “For a guy who’s not out you certainly like to have sex in some risky places.” Well, not that risky, they were almost sixty feet back from the street and in a garage. Still, if someone were standing at the end of the drive they’d get a show. “Besides, I didn’t bring anything out with me.”


Brandon chuckled. “Cops and Boy Scouts always come prepared.” A thin foil package dropped between Nick’s legs.


He twisted the packet in his fingers, sliding his gaze up to meet Brandon’s eyes. “Make up sex.”


“Oh, hell, yeah, baby.” Burning hard kisses stole what little remained of Nick’s resistance. “One of the best types around.”


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Another Great Review for Twice The Cowboy, Twice the Ride

Sunday, March 09, 2008

4.5 Nymphs..."I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and was caught between laughter over antics and fanning to abide the heat. I’ll admit the sex was hotter the second time around." "Twice the Cowboy, Twice the Ride is the first book by James Buchanan that I have had the privilege to read and review. I’m positive it won’t be the last. You watch as Manuel and Jess both grow and nurture each other through the series, learn to overcome obstacles and put old fears to rest. They even find acceptance where they thought none may be given. All the while, you are delivered with bits of humor and sex hot enough to scorch your eyebrows. James Buchanan has delivered a series you don’t want to miss."


I think I scandalized the Scandalous Minx.


Full review:


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