Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Toy Box: Handcuffs
edited by M. Rode

Want a little bondage? Then handcuffs are for you. This toy box is all about what happens when a bunch of hot boys tie it up with a pair of cuffs.

Ratchet from Jodi Payne and Chris Owen features the boys from the Deviations series, Tobias and Noah. Tobias is ready to play. Will Noah be ready when he comes home?

In Technique, by James Buchanan, Nicholas and Brandon from Cheating Chance decide to give the regulation cuffs a try, with melting hot results.

And in The Dare, by Lorne Rodman, the boys from Bullriders are back, proving that not everyone is fit to be tied. Familiar character, hot loving. That's the key to these hot stories.


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