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Monday, October 02, 2006

The new monthly newsletter for thirty (plus) of the hottest authors of male/male erotica and romances worldwide.

Each month we will update you on members' new releases, reviews, appearances and other tidbits. Our first newsletter will be going out on October 15th. Subscribe now and keep updated on the latest in the sensual world of M/M erotic romance and fiction by some of THE best authors you'll find anywhere in print and on the Net.

This is an announcements only list… you will not be hit with 30,000 emails.

To subscribe:

Our authors include: Kayelle Allen ~ Evangeline Anderson ~ Lena Austin ~ Mardi Ballou ~ Laura Baumbach ~ Ally Blue ~ James Buchanan ~ Kirby Crow ~Vincent Diamond ~ Marguerite Labbe ~ Fae Sutherld ~ Leigh Ellwood ~ Erastes ~ Renee George ~ Fiona Glass ~ Sedonia Guillone ~ Timothy D. Kelley ~ Jourdan Lane ~ JL Langley ~ William Maltese ~ Renee Manley ~ DJ Manly ~ Sean Michael ~ Willa Okati ~ Sarah Payne ~ CB Potts ~ Luisa Prieto ~ M.L. Rhodes ~ Kira Stone ~ Julia Talbot


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