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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hola all! Join me for a chat at the Pink Posse Friday Night! I’ll be talking about my upcoming Turn of the Screw release Cheating Chance and discussing the Subscription Serial Novel line in general.

September 29, 2006, 8 pm - 9 pm EST
Hosted by: James Buchanan, author of Cheating Chance, in The Pink Posse
Topic: Turn of the Screw

We’ll be giving away this lovely box of Vegas themed goodies:

And a brief snippet as a teaser:

Denny’s. Nick didn’t think he’d ever been in one when it was actually light outside. It was a three a.m. after the club kind of place. Screaming country sheik in oranges and blues was muted to a vaguely less nauseating hue through his sunglasses. He wasn’t half as hung over as he’d thought he was going to be. Still his stomach was a little off. Nick toyed with the food he’d ordered. So far the only thing he’d actually eaten was the toast. Brandon reached across the table and snagged a sausage off his plate. “I didn’t know we were to the sharing food point.” More irritation than he’d intended snapped in his words.

“Well you weren’t eating it.” Brandon shrugged as he chewed. “Didn’t want it to go to waste.”

The scent of Brandon’s cologne rose from the t-shirt he’d borrowed. Nick had woken in Brandon’s bed at about nine; far too early considering when he’d fallen asleep. He couldn’t believe what a little slut he’d been. And then, when Brandon had rolled over and smiled, he’d gotten excited all over again. Stroking each other in the bed had led to stroking each other in the shower had led to Nick on his knees sucking on that beautiful cock. While the water had run over his body he had tasted Brandon for the first time. Brandon tasted so good. He’d licked the tip. He’d kissed the shaft.

He’d wrapped his lips around Brandon’s throbbing dick and sucked down hard. Brandon’s fingers wound in his hair as Brandon pounded his mouth. And then, when he came, Nick had swallowed all that salty-sweet come. He never swallowed. Brandon made him act in ways he just wasn’t used to. He liked the way Brandon made him feel.

Brandon stole another link from Nick. “Thinking about something?”

“Yah.” Nick gave a half smile.

“Bet I know what you’re thinking about.” Brandon's leg slid against his in the booth. Nick’s pulse jumped. “Want to go back and put a little action behind those thoughts?”

Delivered in a low toned whisper, the question sent shivers up Nick’s spine.
Did he ever want to! How did he ever land someone as hot as Brandon? Nick just wasn’t good at the one night stand thing, never had been. Convinced Brandon was just being nice in not trying to chew his own arm off; the first morning kiss had blown him away. It was hot. It was sexy. Thinking about it was definitely getting him excited. And already he liked Brandon, liked him too much to just fuck and run. It was uncomfortable not knowing whether someone else just considered you the weekend’s entertainment. “Look, I got to tell you something.”

“Damn, you’re suddenly so serious, Nicky.” Brandon grinned over his coffee. “What?”

“I just broke up with someone.” Pushing the eggs around on his plate for a moment, “I just thought I should tell you.”

“So you’re rebounding?”

“Yeah. I guess.” That’s what made it doubly uncomfortable; not knowing if he was liking Brandon for himself or just because he needed to feel, well, needed.
“Okay. I can deal with that.” Brandon picked up the check and looked it over. When Nick tossed a ten on the table, Brandon threw it back at him. Then he laid a twenty down. Standing and taking a last swig of his coffee, he asked, “Wanna go back to the hotel and rebound some more?”


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