Superior review for James Buchanan's "True Hollywood: Los Angeles"

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nicky with Fallen Angel Reviews gave James's Urban Phaze 5 Angels!

"I found Jason and Ernie to be instant favorites. Strikingly created,
they're so strongly described; it was as if they were alive and sitting
next to me, telling their story. This isn't some fantasy, no, Buchanan
did his research and presents a group of stuntmen and women that are so
rowdy and real; they even come with their own memories of past stunts!
I found it easy to fall into this loveable crowd of misfits as they
represent the part of Hollywood that not many people are aware of,
despite how many movies live off them. Yet they're big and bold in this
story that's all about True Hollywood. Combine this group with the
graceful, realistic background of a glittery, hard-edged Los Angeles
and the mind-blowing chemistry between Jason and Ernie and I say that
this story, hands down, is a winner.

Will there be more? I can only hope!"


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