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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Three reviews, two are recommended reads!


Review on  “I must say that I found this probably a more gritty look at the life of the gay male in certain work fields. Sad, but true. I liked the fact that the emotions of both men were explored, the sex and light bondage were extremely sensual and there were enough sub-characters such as Mexican Mafia to make the plot continually interesting without those "slow" patches.” Reviewed by WitchGiggles




Lord Carabas is a riveting tale and the first book in a now-titled series, River of Time.  Much more than a simple “boy meets girl, girl denies boy, boy gets girl” or even a “boy meets boy, and boy seduces boy”, we have a complicated and engrossing tale with descriptions and character definitions that make you feel like you are a part of the story.  My favorite quote:  “Hope lived and died in a thousand angels' heartbeats”.  With Lord Carabas, we get so many elements to enjoy: historical setting, fantasy, duels, political intrigue, shipboard battles, and outposts in the New WorldLord Carabas is definitely a Joyfully Recommended read!  Reviewed by Beth Anne



Fantasies Volume III  has it all, from western settings to princes, kingdoms, and castles; to Seelie and Unseelie; cops, mafia, corporate business types, and historical England. This volume is sure to please and satisfy manlove romance readers all over.  So many of my favorite romance scenarios were hit and that is why I Joyfully Recommend Fantasies Volume III.

“Mask” by James Buchanan:  The story opens with an intimate moment between Hector and Martin, and the passion and love that exists between these two men is intense.  James Buchanan once again writes with descriptive imagery that pulls you into the story and makes you feel like a participant rather than a bystander.  “Mask” has lovely men, wicked women, magic, and an enjoyable story.  Reviewed by Beth Anne




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