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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Good Thief

by James Buchanan

192 pages / 77000 words
ISBN: 978-1-60370-249-2, 1-60370-249-0
Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc

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Working construction provides Caesar with a great way to cover up his real job; stealing whatever he can get his hands on. Which is why the guy he has a fling with could be really bad for business. Nate is a cop, and Caesar worries that he might be tempting fate if he sees Nate again, even if he wants to.


When Caesar discovers something far worse than some petty thievery on one of his jobs, though, he knows he has to report it to Nate, and the two of them try to find a way to keep Caesar safe until he can testify, even as the sparks fly between them. Can Nate protect Caesar and teach him that there are ways to be a good guy as well as a thief?




Alexa Snow, author of Sleeping Stone and Clear Cut, writes:


When Caesar's brother drags him to a Hollywood hills party in the hopes of netting him a job, Caesar doesn't expect much. He overhears an argument between an incredibly hot guy and who he assumes is the hot guy's girlfriend. Instead, he discovers that the 'girlfriend' is a sister; even better, a sister who's more than happy to help her brother Nate meet someone new. Nate and Caesar have both had too much to drink, and they go back to Nate's place for a round of very hot sex, then collapse for the night. In the morning, hungover, Caesar makes a startling discovery -- Nate is a cop.


Which wouldn't matter so much, except that Caesar's a thief with arrest and conviction records a mile long.


Life being what it is, it doesn't take long for Nate to find out about Caesar's past, but somehow they can't seem to stay away from each other. When Caesar accidentally finds evidence of horrific crimes being committed, his first instinct is to go to Nate for help, an act which kicks off a chain of events even more complicated than either of them could have imagined... and puts both their lives in jeopardy.


This story is a fascinating one; the plot contains enough twists and turns to satisfy the most jaded reader. The characters are interesting and believable, crafted with care. There's also a subtle undercurrent of humor running through the book, as well as a well-balanced collection of sex scenes that are hot and in-character. Contemporary and compelling! Very much recommended.




Trying for casual, but coming off strained, Caesar choked out, “I’m gay.”

She blinked. Her shoulders slumped. “Well, hell, this is Los Angeles. All I ever meet are gay men... or really ugly ones.” Then he got a broad, friendly smile. “So you were watching us fight? That means you were checking out one of the two of us, hmm?” Caesar failed miserably at trying not to be embarrassed. Again, the seductive look came out. “My brother’s single, too.” Her eyes got even brighter. “And we have the exact same taste. We’re twins you know.”

Uhng, he had such a thing for blonds. Especially ones with tight asses and green eyes. The mental image sent his hormones into overdrive. “Really?” His gaze slid toward the door where that sexy, tight ass had disappeared.

“Yep, exactly the same taste in men.” Looking at her empty glass, she sighed. “Come on.” An arm threaded through his. “I need another drink and then I can introduce you.” She smiled. “By the way, I’m Carol.”

He returned the smile. “Caesar.” They stepped back into the house and the crush of people. First he snagged another beer for himself and more wine for Carol. Then they were on the hunt for a blond man with a tight, fine ass. “Are you sure this is okay?”

“Oh, hell, yes.” She smirked, squeezing his bicep. “Trust me, Nate will just adore you. And he’s got to be just frustrated as all hell by now. I bring him to these gigs, he wanders around drooling over everybody, goes home alone and then tells me about what he should have said over the next week. He just needs to get laid. Oh!” With a jerk on his arm, Carol stopped dead. “I didn’t mean it like that. It sounded like I’m pimping him out or something.”

Caesar almost contradicted her, then thought better of it. No sense humoring a drunk too much. “You make him sound pretty desperate.”

“Not desperate.” Mortified, she lifted her glass to cover her mouth. After gulping down more wine, she continued. “The one place we’re not the same,” her free hand fluttered up and down her torso, “besides the obvious, is I’m the party girl. Outgoing. Gregarious. Nate’s more the quiet, shy type. He’s no bumbling virgin, had a few longish relationships.” Blond hair whipped loose as Carol shook her head and led him down a narrow set of stairs. If he remembered correctly there was a game room on the bottom floor. Caesar was very good at memorizing the floor plans of houses he visited, even when he didn’t mean to. “But his current job makes it real hard for him to meet people. They change up his shift a lot.”

Caesar missed a step and had to grab the rail to keep from toppling onto Carol. “What does he do?”

Since she was in front of him, Caesar couldn’t get a read on her face, but he thought she hesitated before responding. “Security.” A shorter pause. “I’ll let him tell you about it. Nate hates it when I ramble about his life to other people.” At the bottom of the stairs she looked back at him and smiled. “I see the wallflower now.”

Caesar did, too: a well-built guy holding up a piece of wall and cradling a beer. The guy absently watched a pool game in progress, in which two chorus-line starlets were skunking a pair of guys. Big, meaty guys in crummy clothes; Caesar pegged them as either grips or set construction.

Carol danced around the pool cues and headed for her brother. “Nate,” she burbled, “you’ve been hiding from me. I want you to meet someone.”

Nate’s whole body slid into a long-suffering slump. Then he rolled his eyes. “You’re drunk.”

“Yep.” She slid under his arm. “And you’re gay.” Bumping his hip she added, “Gay Nathan Reilly meet hot, gay guy Caesar whose last name I don’t know.”

Nate’s green eyes went wide as he glared at his sister. A comic, wide-eyed stare met his, with the addition of a tongue half stuck out of her mouth. If Caesar had any doubts about their twin status, that little exchange of sibling love put them to rest.

“But.” Carol drew out the word. “Who was checking out your butt earlier on the patio.”

This was the most unusual, and funny, introduction Caesar’d ever had. “Hi.” He took a swallow of his beer and hooked his thumb in his jeans’ pocket. “You have quite a sister.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Nate growled.

Now Carol wiggled out from under her sibling’s embrace. “My work here is done. You’re talking to someone. Ciao, boys.” A finger dance of a wave dismissed them. “Use condoms.”


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